Laying underfloor heating

QuickTherm underfloor heating can be laid in quick and simple steps. Have a look at our video and convince yourself. System panels, filling panels and deflection bends are provided with predetermined breaking points and can therefore be customised to the room without the use of tools. The pre-defined pipe ducts save complicated measurement of the pipe clearances. Laying the underfloor heating is done in just a few working stages and within the shortest time. Quicktherm underfloor heating is designed to be laid by one person
Randdämmstreifen verlegenLaying of edge insulation strips
Systemplatten mit SollbruchstellenSystem panels with predetermined breaking points
Umlenkbögen verlegenLaying of deflection bends
Systemplatten verlegenLaying of system panels
Systemplatten verklebenThe elements are glued for direct laying laminate & parquet
Zulauf verlegenLaying of supply line
Füllplatten auslegenFilling of unheated areas with filling panels
Rohrkanal schneidenCutting of individual pipe channels
Heizrohr verlegenLaying of MVR heating pipe
GesamtflächeFinished surface
Wärmeverteilbleche klebenGlueing of heat distribution plates on deflection bends


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