Laying QuickFloor TK

QuickFloor TK is a load distribution panel developed for soft floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl, linoleum and design coverings. Laying QuickFloor TK is quick and simple: the elements can be directly laid after an acclimatisation period of 48 hours in which they should remain in the room in the unopened packaging. They are laid floating so gluing or screw connecting the QuickFloor TK elements is not necessary. Carpet and other soft floor coverings can then be directly laid.
QuickFloor TK akklimatisierenAcclimatisation of elements
QuickFloor TK verlegenLaying of QuickFloor TK elements
Keile verlegenApplication of wedges
Gesamtfläche QuickFloor TKFinished surface
Designbelag verlegenLaying of design floor covering
Teppich verlegenLaying of carpet


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