QuickTherm – underfloor heating in dry construction


High efficiency

energy-savng heating due to low flow temperatures


Quick regulation

Quick & even heating due to aluminium coating


Optimised for retrofitting

ideal for retrofitting due to low installation height and quick installation

QuickTherm Systemplatte Heizelement

Easy laying with system panels

QuickTherm underfloor heating consists of easy-to-lay system panels, which can be customised to the room without the use of tools. The system panels have integrated insulation and predefined pipe ducts. This allows low installation heights from 30 mm with strong stability.

Heat conducting aluminium layer

The QuickTherm underfloor heating system panels are covered with a heat conducting layer made of aluminium. This ensures an even, quick and energy saving transfer of heat to the floor covering. Heating conducting plates made of aluminium can also be applied to deflection bends and filling panels.
underfloor heating system panel with pipe

Predefined pipe ducts

The laying clearances always remain the same size due to the predefined pipe ducts on the system panels. Complex measurement of the clearances is not required. This makes laying the underfloor heating easier and also ensures even distribution of heat.

Predetermined breaking points

QuickTherm system panels are provided with predetermined breaking points and can therefore be customised and laid without the use of tools. Retrofitting the underfloor heating is quick and uncomplicated.
predetermined breaking point on system panel
groove cutter and system panel

Customised filling panels

Unheated areas and edges are laid with filling panels. Individual pipe ducts can be cut in, as required, using the QuickTherm groove cutter. This allows supply lines to be laid quickly.

Low installation

QuickTherm underfloor heating has been optimised for dry construction and can be laid in the shortest time. This underfloor heating is also suitable for retrofitting in redevelopment work due to the low installation height and low weight.
underfloor heating with laminate

Low mass

The underfloor heating is also suitable for retrofitting on upper floors due to its low mass. Installation with direct laying of parquet or laminate, for example, has a mass of 10 - 15 kg pro m².

For any floor covering

Due to specialised load distribution layers, QuickTherm underfloor heating supports any common floor covering, even direct laying of laminate and parquet on the system panels is possible.
floor covering fpor underfloor heating

Cosy radiation heat

The average temperature of floor and wall surfaces is increased by radiation heat. This means that the air temperature in the room can be kept approx. 2° C lower with the same feeling of warmth. Each degree of reduced temperature saves approx. 6% in energy – retrofitting is worth it.

High energy efficiency

QuickTherm underfloor heating manages with low warm-up temperatures as a low temperature system. This ensures low losses in heat distribution and saves energy. This means the underfloor heating can be combined very efficiently with heating pumps and solar power.
solar panels on house

Quick regulation

Thanks to the low installation height, the underfloor heating needs to heat up less volume so the heat can quickly reach the floor covering. Your room is heated to a cosy 20°C in just 30 minutes when it is used in dry construction.

Did we convince you?

You can quickly and conveniently order QuickTherm underfloor heating in our QuickTec-Shop You can find the QuickTherm underfloor heating, load distribution panels, accessories and all helpful tools for installation in the QuickTec-Shop.
QuickTec – the profi-shop for underfloor heating and accessories
The QuickTherm underfloor heating is a dry construction system and is designed for retrofitting in the renovation. The underfloor heating is made of 30 mm system panels and combines insulation, predefined pipe channels and an aluminium coating. This ensures a quick and equal heat distribution, as well as a simple installation. In combination with specialized load distribution layers which are customized for different floor covering such as QuickFloor FL for tiles, it ensures a fast reacting heating system. At the same time, the QuickTherm underfloor heating offers very low construction height with a thickness of only 30 mm, including insulation, so that they are suitable especially for the renovation and retrofitting. So, construction projects with limited height will never have to forgo on the comfort and the cosy radiant heat of a floor heating. In addition to the QuickTherm system, the QuickTec shop also offers equipment, load distribution layers, regulations and wall heating and decentralised ventilation systems.


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